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Springfield is moving on up!

Posted By: Whitney Shoffner In: Southwest Missouri Realty
Date: Tue, Oct 30th 2018 9:12 am

What's going on all around Springfield you ask? The answer: a lot! It seems that every corner you turn you see another construction zone and it leaves you wondering. what's going up here? Let us answer that for you! 

First we will start with the construction explosion around Sequiota Park. In 2016 TLC properties started the construction boom building Township 28 luxury apartments, this community provides luxury apartments to hundreds of local residents in the nest of the Sequiota trail and just a short walk to Galloway Grill. The construction didn't stop there, if you drive down galloway today you will see the newest addition with Quarry Town and Galloway Creek. Both boast commercial spaces and loft style living. Galloway, built by Entrust Management, is hosting an open house this weekend to it's newest resident Pure Hot Yoga. 

Quarry Town, and O'Reilly build,  is nearing completion on it's street facing commercial site. Coming soon is another new restaurant facing the running trail at Sequiota. 

It's not just Springfield getting all new things, have you been to the Finley? No not the river, the new restaurant in downtown Ozark? This attraction is one you won't want to miss, the speak easy downtown will take you back to an older day with its large wooden bar, dark lighting and quite setting. Have a drink after an amazing dinner at the newly renovated church upstairs. 

Is it a new hotel you want? Well it's not a new concept but more an addition. Drive through downtown Springfield and you might find yourself frustrated over the lack of parking, most of that issue is because there are two new projects going on downtown. First is the second phase to Hotel V, the ever popular hotel will be adding another phase just down the alley. Even with the addition the popular hotel is sure to fill up year round due to it's amazing location and popularity. The second big project you will see is just within site of Hotel V, sitting where the old grocery store was will now play host to a open concept food court eatery, much like you see in large cities. The venue is set to host 15 different shops and restaurants. 

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