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Pros and Cons of Buying New vs. Old Homes for Sale in Springfield, MO

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Date: Thu, Jul 28th 2016 4:17 pm

Older homes for sale in springfield mo

New vs. old: Shopping homes for sale in Springfield, MO

Buying a house is tricky business, and it doesn’t matter how new or old it is. There are always going to be pros and cons to each side. To help our clients better understand the market on homes for sale in Springfield, MO, we have put together a little guide on what to watch for when buying new versus old.

The Pros of Buying New Homes for Sale in Springfield, MO

Customization is a huge pro to a newly built home, particularly if you’re able to work with the contractor and make a few design recommendations as it goes up. Knowing that a house has freshly hit the market also offers a sense of first-time ownership. It is understood that you will be the first individual or family to take up residence in the structure.

Another major pro to a new home is in its design and upkeep. You can be sure that a brand new build will be outfitted with modern fixtures and designs rather that outdated materials or shapes. This means fewer updates and renovations over time. It also means there won’t be a great need for repairs.

The Pros of Buying Old Homes for Sale in Springfield, MO

Old homes have a certain je ne sais quoi. Or, to put it plainly, they have something that simply can’t be explained. Some designers call this “something” character, and at Southwest Missouri Realty, we can certainly see why. An old home can bring new life to old designs and provide a sense of history.

Older homes for sale in Springfield, MO are built using strong materials, which might be slightly outdated; but they are also stronger and more resilient than some of the newer materials used when building a structure. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “they don’t make things like they used to,” you can understand how an old house might have something to offer that a new house won’t.

Cons of New and Old Homes

At Southwest Missouri Realty, we see our fair share of both new and old homes, so we also see a number of flaws across the market. In new homes, some of the cons lie in price and company. New houses tend to cost more than old ones, sometimes upwards of 20% more. They might also be built in new subdivisions or communities where it will be a few years before neighbors and conveniences arrive.

Old houses hold a con of higher bills for upkeep; they need plenty of TLC to keep them going, and this requires funding. Another con of old homes is that they have had the ability to accumulate tiny visitors you probably won’t be fond of finding around the attic or basement. Be sure to have the house inspected for quality and for pests before buying.

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