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Improvements to Homes for Sale in Springfield, MO That Will Pay Off In the Long Run

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Date: Thu, Jul 28th 2016 4:15 pm

New paint for homes for sale in springfield mo

Home improvement ideas for homes for sale in Springfield, MO

When preparing homes for sale in Springfield, MO, we often advise our clients of minor renovations and changes that could really pay off in the long run. Sometimes, it can seem like a hassle to create more work before a big sale. When you see the results of your labors, we know you’ll thank us. Take a look at some of the home improvement recommendations we often make in the area.

Updating the Bathrooms

Whether you’re replacing the toilet, stripping off decade-old wallpaper, or re-caulking the tub, this is a great place where a little elbow grease can pay off. The bathrooms in a house aren’t only being used by the entire household, but they’ll also be used by guests as well. As an area that is assaulted daily by steam, bath products, and constant foot traffic, it only makes sense that it will need a little sprucing up before the sale. Most bathroom renovations offer a 100% recoup in the sale. This means that you’ll usually make back what you pay; plus, you’ll increase interest at your open house.

Kitchen Fixtures to Boost Homes for Sale in Springfield, MO

Whether or not you love to cook, a beautifully updated kitchen is an attractive quality for all homes for sale in Springfield, MO. Taking the time to implement modern countertops, backsplash, or fit the room for an island can greatly increase the number of buyers interested in your home, not to mention the value of the home itself.

Your kitchen, another area where water makes a debut, generally requires a little TLC in the area of the sink and dishwasher. Watch for leaks or damage, which will need to be repaired during your kitchen renovations. Putting in a whole new sink can increase the value; we specifically suggest a wide, double sink. Counter space and matching fixtures sell big in this area.

Raising Your Curb Appeal

Making renovations to the inside of the house isn’t the only way to increase value on homes for sale in Springfield, MO. Your curb appeal can also impact the appraisal value, particularly in the way of shrubbery, trees, garden ponds, paths, and driveway updates. If you have a garage, this is also a great time to consider slapping on a new coat of paint, repairing that dented sliding door, or upgrading the siding to better match the house.

For more information on homes for sale in Springfield, MO and renovation tips, which could increase the value of your house, contact Southwest Missouri Realty today.