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How To: Hide Messes While Selling your House

Posted By: Laura MacDonald In: Southwest Missouri Realty
Date: Wed, Feb 27th 2019 2:35 pm

You have your house on the market and have had showing after showing. This is great news, but it is getting hard to keep up with home presentation, especially with kids in the house. While your house is listed for sale, you may find yourself needing to pick up more than you normally would to make sure the home is presenting as good as possible to potential buyers. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a tidy home without running around before each showing.
1) Donation Time
Now is a really great time to start getting rid of things that are no longer valuable to you or your kids. Once the house sells, there isn't a reason to take toys and items you no longer want into your new home. Go through your toys with your kids and go through your own belongings and donate some things that you no longer find valuable. Someone else may be able to get more use out of it than you do.
2) Creative Storage Ideas

Storage doesn't always have to be in a closet, basement or garage. You can get creative with how you store things. In each room, try to place a trunk with a lid, a storage ottoman or a basket. Before showings, you can quickly pick up any items lying around by placing them in these creative storage areas. They are easy to reach and the potential buyers won't notice a thing. Later, when you have more time to pick up, that is when you can organize the items you have placed inside these storage bins.
3) Place your Out of Season Clothes in Suitcases

Whether you are a person that separates your clothes by seasons or not, this is a really good time to do so. Place your out of season clothes into your suitcases that you aren't currently using. This will make your closets look bigger and you already have a good portion of clothes packed for when the house does sell.
These are just a few things that can be done to make preparing for showings a little bit easier and less stressful for you.
Happy House Selling,
Laura MacDonald