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From a Realtor in Springfield, MO: 3 Signs Your Asking Price Is Too High

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Date: Thu, Jul 28th 2016 4:07 pm

Real estate prices from a realtor in springfield mo

If you want some pricing tips from a realtor in Springfield, MO, contact us.

Here at Southwest Missouri Realty, we care about our clients. That’s why we want you to get the absolute best payoff on your home for sale. One of the ways we do this is by helping you to determine what the best asking price is. If this cost is too high, buyers won’t bite; and if it’s too low, you’ll lose money in the process. Take a look at these 3 signs from a realtor in Springfield, MO, that indicate your asking price might be too high.

1. Surrounding Property Prices Don’t Match Your Sale Price

A major indicator that something is off with the personal appraisal of your home is that other houses in the area are selling for much less. Unless your house is offering more than nearby homes in the way of size, upgrades, and additional utilities, there shouldn’t be too big of a gap between asking prices. A realtor in Springfield, MO, can help you determine what other sellers in the area are asking and aid in pricing your real estate accordingly.

2. Offers Are Coming in Low from Another Realtor in Springfield, MO

If your house is priced too high, you’ll see a lot of low-ball offers. These are offers that are far below the cost you’ve appraised your home at. They might come from realtors working for individuals or from private buyers themselves. It’s normal to get one of these during a sale, but if most offers are coming in low, it might be time to re-evaluate.

3. Open Houses Come Up Empty Handed

A sure way to know that your house is overpriced is by the turnout during an open house. Your realtor in Springfield, MO will set up a few open houses throughout the sale period, and nearby buyers can come in and take a look at the property in person before making a bid. These can be very popular and beneficial to the sale of your house. If nobody is taking the bait, it’s likely that buyers have already guessed that your asking price is too high.

If you’re worried that your asking price is too high or even if you’re simply looking for more information from a well-versed realtor in Springfield, MO, contact Southwest Missouri Realty today! A professional member of our team is always ready to take on your call and help however he or she can.